AngieValle-2014Angie Valle is a Los Angeles native with a love and an expert eye for interior design. She has taken a 20-year passion for home decoration and styling and turned it into a thriving business, Soul Design.

“I want to create rooms that express a person’s soul. My ultimate goal is to tell your story through the features, color palettes and textures of a room.”
– Angie Valle

Angie specializes in creating spaces where practicality meets desire. Her purpose is to transform unwelcoming spaces into rooms that speak about a person or tell a unique story. While incorporating fresh and new elements into a space for self-expression, Angie also uses heirlooms, antiques and other valuables to keep the rich history of a family or tradition alive. Angie is also known for designing spaces that are sustainable and healthy. She can work with and has a great knowledge of materials that do not leave a carbon footprint like cork floors or walls, bamboo furniture, wool carpeting, organic cotton, reclaimed wood furniture, and glass that has been recycled.

Angie completed her certification program at the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach where she won the award for the best designer in her class in 2013. Her winning project is currently displayed in the "Hall of Fame" at the Interior Design Institute campus. She is an AFID Allied member as well as a member of the American Society of Interior Designers. Angie is currently servicing La Canada,
Pasadena, and San Marino.